• Georg Rabenstein • DevOps Engineer • Security Evangelist • Nerd •

Born in 1981 as the youngest of 6 children i grew up in a workers household with the classical orientation on "honest" work. A basic school education and a handcraft job training had to be done, like any other of my siblings. I did become a Dairy worker learning to crate "Milk, cheese 'n shit".

Somewhere in the second half of the nineties i discovered this computer thing, after buying a used 3/86 Machine i did not spin it up mediately. Before i just had to tear it apart and put it back together, like that i started to discover the whole thing from scratch and i continued doing that from there on. With everything there is to learn about our digitalized world.

2003 i started working self employed as a IT service technician, doing websites in PHP and running several root servers. Shortly after that Linux became the OS of my choice, and it still is.

The financial crisis of 2008 did hit me hard and after some new approaches is figured i have to go back in a employee position.

Which brought me to Hamburg after a short while, here i have found a new center of life and almost unlimited possibilities opened up to me.

From Linux based ship management over in house system engineer at Gruner & Jahr over to a Fintec startup i experienced a lot of different corporate models none of which really could fit my expectation.

Working as a DevOps engineer for car2go in Hamburg is my current Gig and i am finally in a team which suits my hunger for challenges and my desire to improve. I am currently not looking for another job.

Feel free to contact me via rabenstein(at)srsh.io PGP Public key